A local pharmaceutical company has discovered herbal-based extracts with medicinal properties to kill cancer cells. Autoimmune Sdn Bhd intends to develop the extracts into a prescriptive medicine for breast cancer in two years.

A test conducted by Universiti Putra Malaysia, as an independent third party, confirmed the extracts had in-vitro (artificial environment) anti-cancer activities against a panel of human cancer cell lines representing breast, lung and prostate cancer. "We have identified the most potent extracts (codenamed ASB001). Autoimmune is proceeding to verify the extracts' potency via "in vivo" (animal) xenograft test to confirm anti-breast tumour activities," Autoimmune Managing Director Patriek Yeoh told reporters here Thursday.

He said the extracts had been sent for analysis to a laboratory in Taiwan and the results are expected in two months. "Thereafter, we will proceed with a pilot clinical trial upon identification of a suitable trial centre and approval from the relevant authorities," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Johnson Stanslas of Biomedical Sciences from Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty, UPM, said the university also did a preliminary toxicity study of ASB001 on mice and found that the extracts did not exhibit any toxicity at the recommended therapeutic dose.

Under an agreement signed by both parties in July , UPM was appointed to test and verify 35 of Autoimmune's herbal-based extracts for in-vitro anti-cancer potential.

Todate, UPM had finished testing nine of the samples.

Autoimmune is a phytopharmaceutical company which researches, discovers, extracts and formulates active compounds from plants to provide scientifically-backed alternatives to synthetically-manufactured pharmaceuticals. - Bernama
Source: http://www.utusan.com.my/

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