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Taman Negara National park spread out over 4343 sq. km of the formidable Titiwangsa Mountain Range ,one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. A sanctuary to hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, insects, fish and plants. Home to Malaysia’s friendly aborigines, the Orang Asli. A shy yet gentle race, they continue to live the nomadic way they’ve lived for centuries although fully aware of the country’s fastest-paced progress.
Come discover the living treasure Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it’s shooting thrilling rapids, exploring spectacular caves, tackling a 20-pound fish, scaling up Peninsular Malaysia’s highest mountain, trekking through dense, tricky forest pathways or swimming in crystal clear pools, Malaysia’s National Park is a nature paradise you must experience. An adventure of a lifetime awaits you.
To experience the full glory of the tropical rainforest there is perhaps no better place on earth than Taman Negara (National Park). Legally declared an area for conservation in 1938, the 135 million year old Taman Negara is a haven for the nation’s flora and fauna.
Jungle tracks, campsites and the Taman Negara Resort have all being constructed to blend with the natural surroundings, to be in harmony with the forest. Many structured have been built strictly for the observation and appreciation of the grandeur of the towering forest and its inhabitants.
Having enjoyed protection for almost 60 years a wealth of undisturbed habitats exists for the intrepid explorers to discover. You can take day or night time jungle walks or stay in a hide and maybe catch a glimpse of some of the 250 or so species of fauna that exists within the parks boundaries, from hornbills, pheasants and kingfishers monkeys, gibbons, wildboar, deer, tapir, and maybe even an elephant or tiger. Six observation points have seen set up specifically overlooking salt licks and grassy clearings for the observation of wild, often shy animals. These hides allow the visitor to spend a night away from the resort to observe the nocturnal activities of the animals of the forest. Activities within the Park are primarily nature based, taking full advantage of the many streams, rivers, caves hills and the forest itself. Enjoy a bracing swim in cool waters, a full day’s trek, a boat ride and even a spot of angling should you so desire.
A visit to Taman Negara, however, is not complete until you have done the canopy walk. The world’s longest such walk, it winds over 400 meters in the forest canopy allowing you to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest, 25 meters above the ground.
Orang Asli guides can be engaged for excursions to specific areas in the Park, such as the various caves. A visit to the orang Asli settlement is also worthwhile here.
Accommodation in the Park is at the jungle lodge, chalets and a hostel, all with basic facilities. Superior rooms at Taman Negara Resort are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms.
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Campsites and camping equipment are available for hire and restaurants in the Park serve an international cuisine.
Taman Negara, Taman Negara Pahang

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